In Press:

Thorp, C.J., Vonesh, J.R. & Measey, J. (in press) Cannibalism or congeneric predation? The African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis Daudin) preferentially predate on larvae of Cape platannas (X. gilli Rose & Hewitt). African Journal of Ecology DOI:10.1111/aje.12577

Van Wilgen, N.J., Gillespie, M.S., Richardson, D.M. & Measey, J. (in press) A taxonomically and geographically constrained information base limits non-native reptile and amphibian risk assessment: a systematic review. PeerJ

Thorp, C.J., Alexander, M.E., Vonesh, J.R. & Measey, J. (in press) Size-dependent functional response of Xenopus laevis feeding on mosquito larvae. PeerJ

Mohanty, N.P. & Measey, J. (2018) What’s for dinner? Diet and potential trophic impact of an invasive anuran Hoplobatrachus tigerinus on the Andaman archipelago. PeerJ 10.7717/peerj.5698

Mohanty, N.P. & Measey, J. (in press) Reconstructing biological invasions using public surveys: a new approach to retrospectively assess spatio-temporal changes in invasive spread. Biological Invasions  DOI: 10.1007/s10530-018-1839-4

Tolley, K.A., Conradie, W., Harvey, J., Measey, J., Blackburn, D.C. (in press) Molecular phylogenetics reveals a complex history underlying cryptic diversity in the Bush Squeaker Frog (Arthroleptis wahlbergii) in southern Africa. African Zoology

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